Confidently nourish your family to flourish and thrive.

Transform your meals into a positive and joyful experience, no matter what kind of food allergies or eating habits your family has.


 Learn how to make wholesome nutritional decisions that are best for YOU and your family.



Empowering families to take charge of their nutrition and overcome food-related obstacles that they often face. From food allergies to picky eating to rule-based diets, I believe it's completely possible to create a conflict-free zone, infuse pleasure, and positivity back into each mealtime.


Work with Me

Are you ready to cut through the information overload and find clarity around what works for you? We'll work together to nurture confident, positive relationships with food so you can find practical ways to nourish both you and your family.


hi, I’m Mun Cho.

I'm a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist specializing in pediatric nutrition, food allergies and eating disorders. I guide parents to let go of rigid rules and replace their fears with confidence to provide nutritional balance for their families. As a food allergy mom of two, I understand how hard it is to navigate different food allergies.

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